about us

*Who are we?

We are a research institution based in Misurata-Libya working on peace and sustainable development through our role as a center for strategic planning, political future and analytical studies in various fields within the Libyan State. We also publish research readings and translations, in addition to opinion articles of researchers and specialists in different fields, taking into account the rules and methods of scientific research, away from the false studiousness or encumbered by predetermined positions.

*Our vision:

The Center promotes scientific and systematic research in understanding issues related to the Libyan affairs and supporting decision makers by providing appropriate visions. The Center also adopts the vision of promoting the society by establishing the ​​sustainable development that economically allows establishing markets and opening the labour market. On the other hand, enhancing the social integration of the marginalized people in the mobility of the community and interact with it, aiming to create conditions which enable full and active participation of every member of the society, man or woman, in all aspects of life, including, economic and political activities, as well as participation in future decision-making processes by voting to achieve their full potential in life.


1- Contribute to raising intellectual awareness in various Libyan issues.

2- Scientific planning for the programs of sustainable development within the Libyan society.

3- Adoption of clarity and neutrality at work.

4- Communicating with various political currents in Libya.

*Functional tasks:

  • Executive Committee:

Contribute to the preparation and implementation of all actions and programmes of activity of the Centre and formulate strategies and policies which are of its competence, to be discussed before approval  and make recommendations to the management of the Centre to improve the work and achieve the targeted goals also reviewing the performance of the Center based on administrative reports and measuring the performance by the results, analyzing and studying the key influences, indicators and developments related to its work and directing management accordingly.

  • Advisory Committee:

This committee provides advice to the Center’s management on the oversight functions related to the results and recommendations of the Executive Committee and their effectiveness in achieving the objectives of the Center.

* Department of Administrative and Financial Affairs:

This section is working on the followings:

  • Preparing plans and programs for administrative affairs to achieve the main objectives of the Center.
  • Study and work on providing the needs of the Center.
  • Carry out the services of the Center’s members.
  • Follow-up the disbursements of the received financial covenant and settled in accordance with the legal procedures.

* Department of Studies and Research:

This section is classified as follows:

  • Preparing studies and researches on issues of interest to the Libyan society, that needs specialized studies and solutions.
  • Follow up the various media sources and information published in the international network to conclude analytical reports thereon.
  • Follow up domestic public opinions and prepare periodic reports on them.

* Strategic Planning Department:

This section is classified as follows:

  • Preparation of the proposed programs and strategic plans on the Libyan issues.
  • Find ideas, identify alternatives, study Libyan reality as it is and propose what it should be done about.
  • Formulating future visions for the Center’s work.
  • Help the Center’s management to make effective decisions that lead to achieving the objectives in accordance with the challenges of the fact of Libyan issues.

* Community Development Department:

This section is classified as follows:

  • Establishing an effective communication links between the Center and the community through the communication means and media as well as organising various events such as seminars and conferences.
  • Providing training programs in support of various social groups.
  • Follow-up issues of public opinions and familiarity with the social, economic and, developmental problems that need to be studied, research and development.
  • To support outstanding ideas in various fields and to enhance the abilities and skills of young people and to blow their energies and employ them in finding solutions to the problems they suffer.

*Crisis Management Department:

This section is classified as follows:

  • This section is concerned with gathering sufficient information about the crises that are present in the Libyan society or are expected to occur as a result of studying and analyzing the information.
  • Preparing the plans and necessary programs to confront, prepare, deal with and contain crises.

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